puppy photos

A Pond of a Backyard

Apparently we have some draining issues going on in our backyard. I didn't include a pic but to give you an idea of what we have going on---this morning when I went to let the dogs out (30 minutes before my alarm went off, boo) two ducks bathing in a large pond of a puddle in my backyard almost lost their lives. Good thing Gunny and Roxy aren't professional duck dogs even though they think they are. 

So I'm getting some estimates for some sort of draining system tomorrow but today the dogs stayed inside more than out.

Gunny is pretty camera shy but I'm training Roxy young to get used to the camera in her face---hey, I know I'm a crazy dog lady but they are my only models. 


Nat & Kyle's Family Photos

Today looked like this:

This was outside my dad's house this morning, right before Daniel and I loaded the car to head home.  We had plans to stay in Tulsa through the Super Bowl, but the weather got serious real quick, so it was time to go.  And I'm glad we left when we did, because the hour and forty-five minute trip took three and a half hours.  But that's okay, because we're home safe now, sitting in front of the fireplace half-watching the game after a fantastic short weekend.  Really, it was one for the books.

I'm so glad the weather mostly held up for my shoots yesterday.  I'll be posting some of them over the next couple of weeks, and I can't wait! First off, though, I have to share a few photos of Nat and her husband in front of their new house!  It's coming along beautifully, and I love seeing my best friend so happy.

After eight inches of snow today, it's hard to believe yesterday looked like this.

:) How cute is baby Roxy?

Hope you're off the roads, sitting around with your loved ones, munching on some yummy snacks this evening!


Super Bowl Preparations!

If your hubby is anything like mine, there is only one thing on the mind....SUPERBOWL.
Kyle has declared his bottom to be in his new chair for the afternoon.
I like football but I don't really care that much :/
I do get excited for the excuse to make some really tasty snacks---here are some recipes that get my mouth watering! (Note: these are not all gluten or dairy free)

--I have made these several times and they are delicious!

And here's a little something for me :) I can't help it, I love mangos and I love margaritas!

While I'm searching for the best of the best for the Superbowl, the pups decided it was much to cold for them to go outside and play so they are being super cute big lazys--- 

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday! (P.S- Go Broncos)


The Savages

These two are their dogchildren are the most hilarious little family.  Oh man. Rachel is one of my very best friends and was recently one of my bridesmaids.  Her husband, Taylor, has the best sense of humor and is constantly making her laugh, which is incredibly fun to be around.  The dogs, Scout and Boo, are pretty goofy, too.  They're all pretty dang good lookin'. although Taylor tries to fight it by making some of the ugliest faces :)  As you can see in the last photo, Rachel sets him straight.

I love seeing my best friends so happy!