Weekend Projects

Daniel and I spent the majority of the weekend running back and forth between Lowe's/Home Depot and the new house, and I'm loving watching our projects take shape! I spent most of my time with a shovel in hand and Daniel hardly put down his paint brush, but we did manage to take a few photos.

As exciting as all of these renovations are, I'm mostly enjoying working side by side with my husband.  We are tackling something huge together, and I love it!


Day Date

Today was gloomy and wonderful.  I had a last minute engagement session postponement due to cold rain, so Daniel and I got to spend our first Saturday together in a while. We took advantage of it by rug shopping and eating a yummy lunch at PF Chang's.  That may not sound terribly exciting to anyone else, but I've been kind of a wimp about eating out since I went gluten and dairy free--therefore we haven't had any out-to-eat dates in three months. But there are places with options, and we were impressed by today. Fried rice seriously HIT THE SPOT. 

Intentionally spending the day with my husband was a treat--something I need to make more of a priority.  It's too easy to get caught up in coming home after work, eating dinner and turning on Netflix without looking one another in the eye and then using free weekend time to play catch up on cleaning the house without really communicating. I'm still so excited to be this man's wife!

Happy Saturday, friends!


Dreaming of Home Projects

We close on our house in ten days. TEN DAYS! Time is flying, and we are so excited and so nervous. 

However, our lease isn't up until May, so we won't be moving in right away.  Instead, we're thinking about taking advantage of the little gap by using our new space for projects.  Painting is first on our minds, but we're also dreaming of a few other things we could get done in the empty house and garage before we fill them with furniture and such.

I can't wait for this adventure with my hubs!