maternity photos

The Kennedy's

My cousin Summer is about to give birth to her second beautiful son here in about 1 month! I'm so excited to meet baby Grayson and I'm convinced 2 yr old Preston is going to be the best, most active, big brother ever. 

Sunday evening was beautiful so we had some fun getting itchy in some tall grass to get some family pics before Grayson's arrival.

Here are a few of my favorites---


Jacob & Kaitlyn (& Harlow Coming Soon!)

This super gorgeous couple leads our small group and has blessed Daniel and me so much with their advice, hospitality, and friendship, so when Kaitlyn asked me Friday if I'd be up for a little Christmas card/maternity shoot in the snow Saturday, I was so excited!  These two are seriously beautiful and I had no doubt their good looks and fantastic personalities would show up in photos.  And they didn't disappoint!

Thank you for letting me brave the cold with you yesterday, Kaitlyn and Jacob!  I'm seriously blessed to call you two my friends, and I can't wait to meet little Harlow in the spring!

And thank you to my sweet husband for driving us around, holding our coats and gloves, and making me a hot cup of coffee when we got home!