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Backyard Inspiration

Daniel and I had a few different priorities when it came to what we were looking for in a house back in January, but we both agreed from the get go we wanted a backyard. We ended up finding the perfect one--not too big, not too small--a place we can definitely see ourselves relaxing when the weather is nice.  Although Daniel has done a LOT of work on it this summer (digging up dead bushes, killing weeds), we've come to terms with saving the more major parts of a backyard reno for the future (maybe next spring/summer).  It's one of those projects we don't NEED to get done before Edie is here, so we've been focusing on other parts of the house.

That doesn't keep us from dreaming about what we could do with the space, however.  One thing I definitely want to utilize is in prettying up the yard is the wooden pergola outside our back door.  Did you know that's what those are called--pergolas? I didn't until recently--I kept calling in the "wooden thing outside" and eventually decided to google it. I've never lived in a house with one, but I do love the way they can look with some pretty greenery growing up the sides, white curtains and a few strands of bulb lights. 

The second one with all the flowers? I mean, come on--a dream!


Office Chair Inspiration

Our home office is starting to come together, and although it's the tiniest room in the house, I've made it my mission to make it one of the coziest and most inspiring.  I really want to be excited to work in this room.  

This week Daniel and I have been talking about what we want in office chairs.  Because I'm a little obsessive compulsive, I want our chairs to match (our desks match--it just makes sense).  This meant we had to agree on a chair, which prompted a little extra searching and reading reviews.  I was more focused on how cute the chairs were and Daniel wanted comfort and functionality (he's smarter!). He agreed we needed to try to find white chairs to compliment the white accents on our desks. 

We ended up ordering a pair we both liked and they're on their way to us now, but I thought I'd share a few pins I found inspiring throughout our search.

Can't wait for our chairs to come in so we can get to work in this space!


Bedroom Tour

I fall more and more in love with our room every day.  This is probably very related to the fact that I become more and more pregnant every day and more and more in need of a nap :) But I also just enjoy working in here--the natural light is awesome and the whole space just feels simple and fresh.  And crawling into bed after I pull our super soft white sheets right out of the dryer--THE BEST FEELING.

Our dressers are Ethan Allen and have been with me since I transitioned out of my nursery into my first big girl room to make space for my baby brother--so about 22 years! They've held up beautifully and I've never thought about looking for new ones.  

The bouquet is mine from our wedding, and the incredible frame with our hand-stitched names and life verses was a wedding gift from our sweet friend Charli.  We were blown away by how thoughtful it was!

Edie's moses basket and rocking stand were both from Amazon. I found the tan sheepskin rug at T.J. Maxx a few months ago (love that place!).

I've loved the idea of white bedding for years now, but I've had Penny (black-haired puppy) since college, and when I lived alone she just HAD to sleep with me.  But now that we've transitioned into a two-story house and started preparing for a baby, we made the decision to keep the dogs downstairs. I could have my white bedding! It's from Target, as are the throw pillows (had to add a little pop of color and pattern).

We picked up our nightstands at Ikea on our babymoon.    

This vanity has also been with me since I was a little lady, and I plan to pass it down to Edie when we transition her out of her nursery. It's a very old piece my grandmother gave me, and I spent a silly amount of hours sitting in front of the mirrors singing Hanson into my hairbrush.

Our area rug is also from Ikea--I LOVE it. 

This is my happy place lately :)


P.S.  I found this post from Camille Styles super inspiring this morning--think I'll try out a few of these ideas next week to start things off on the right foot!

Jordan's Living Room Tour

Hey friends! Sorry for the late night post--our internet has been acting funny today.  But to make up for it, I thought I'd give you all a little break from pregnancy updates and invite you to our house! :)  Daniel and I have been spending most of our free time trying to turn our new house into home, and we started with the living room.  Here's what it looked like before:

And here's what it looks like today!

The first thing we did was get rid of the green walls.  We agreed on a cream color we thought would really cheer up the space, and I think it worked! Daniel added subway tile to the fireplace, which is now one of my favorite parts of the room :) We purchased a couch from a local store here and a little midcentury vintage coffee table from a thrift store--we decided we wanted something that didn't take up all of our floor space, and I'm so happy with what we found.

We ordered the rug online after shopping around for a couple of months, and I love the pop the color it adds. And I added a few happy green plants--they just add life to a home.  I'm a big fan of how everything turned out--Daniel and I say the phrase, "I really love our house," at least once a day to one another.

Thanks for stopping by!