Pad Thai from Home

Jordan introduced me to Thai food 2 years ago and almost every time I visit her we go and get Pad Thai from the best Thai place in Fayetteville. It wasn't until I started researching clean eating and new recipes that I was interested in trying to make my own Thai food.

I took a chance on this Pad Thai dinner starter and I am super glad I did! There were some microwavable versions but there is something about putting my dinner in the microwave to cook that doesn't sound very healthy or appetizing.

The starter came with the rice noodles and sauce packet. I added some thinly sliced chicken and fried up an egg to spread in. Next time I want to add some sprouts and other veggies.

The best part was Kyle loved it, it took about 20 minutes to whip up, and the whole meal cost about $5 total for the starter, chicken, and egg!

I know I'm always looking for convenient, healthy, and budget friendly so I had to share!

 P.S. This is gluten and dairy free!


Quick and Easy Chicken Stir Fry

On Monday's I leave work around 5:20, run home and get Roxy puppy and then head to training classes at 6. I get home around 7 and need to whip something up fast---hence the quick and easy chicken stir fry. *Tonight I set out the chicken beforehand so it would be thawed and ready.

Not many of my meals pass the healthy, quick, easy, and husband approved criteria but this one does!!
So basically I just want to pass this recipe along to all those gals like myself that don't particularly love cooking, don't hate it, but can't quite come up on stuff on my own just yet. 

I followed this recipe exactly and it was really good although I might try and boost the flavors a little next time.

So when Monday's come to soon try this one out :)


Jordan's Home Renovations: Kitchen Before Photos

I am super excited about our new kitchen--it has so much potential and I have so many ideas! I'm not sure how much renovating we'll actually get done in this room before we move in--painting is first priority--but looking for inspiration is fun :)

We're planning to paint the kitchen white and most likely do something different with the countertops.  We like white counters as well as butcher block, so at this point we're kind of exploring cost options and going from there!  Under normal circumstances we wouldn't be talking about tackling all of these renovations right off the bat, but with this time gap before we move all of our stuff in, getting as much done as we can kind of just makes sense. :)

Can't wait to cook something yummy in this space!


Favorite Pinterest Recipes

Good recipes are hard to come by. I have tried many from Pinterest but some definitely missed the mark.  Here are some of the one's I've made several times and have become my go to recipes!

I hope this helps when it comes to dinner next week! I know I've already made 3 of these this week! I'm all about easy, comfort, quick, (semi-healthy, ha) and for the most part these fit the bill

Enjoy :)