She's TWO!


She's TWO! And so, so goofy. She loves to laugh and dance and just mastered jumping off the ground with both feet. She says, "Please," "Thank you," and "Scu me!" appropriately without fail. She would spend all day "ow-side" if I let her. She doesn't know a stranger and often reaches for the hands of kind-looking people we don't know in public. She is the snuggliest and takes every opportunity for a cuddle on her Dada's or Mama's lap--pretty much every time we sit down. She wakes up excited to see her sister every morning, and then immediately runs out into the living room and asks me to, "Let Nellie out!" She offers spontaneous hugs and kisses to her sister, Dada, and me a dozen times a day. She is 26 pounds and is cutting her last couple of teeth before she has a full set. Her small amount of hair is wispy and soft and some lovely shade of blonde unique to her. She makes the best excited face, has the cutest run with her short little arms pumping wildly, and is obsessed with the Lady Gaga song Bad Romance. She counts to 12, says her ABCs, knows her shapes and colors, and sings lots of songs. When she's sleepy, she says, "Mama, story...bout, ummmm, a bunny!" and when I'm finished telling it she asks, "Jesus I Know?" so I've been singing a lot of "Jesus Loves Me, This I Know..."

Reed girl, you are the sunshine over our family. I can't even explain to you how lucky, blessed, undeserving I feel to get to watch you be you every single day, and to be loved by you, OH MY. You have grown all of our hearts so much, it's wild. I love you I love you I love you, sweet Reed.