Interview with A Four and A Half Year Old


What’s your name?
What’s your favorite color?
How old are you?
”Four, but I’m going to be five on my birthday.”
When is your birthday?
”Ummm, Octover eighteenf!”
What’s your favorite animal?
”Dog, because dogs are really sweet!”
What’s your favorite book?
”My favorite book is The Lorax.”
What’s your favorite movie?
”Cat in the Hat.”
What’s your favorite thing to play?
What’s your favorite toy?
”My scooter!”
What’s your favorite thing to do?
”Ride my bike outside!”
Do you have any siblings?
”Siblings? I have one sibling! It’s my sister!”
Do you like your sister?
”Yes! I play with her. I like painting art with her.”
Is she cute?
”She’s so so so so cute!”
What do you want to be when you grow up?
”I want to drive a car!”
Are you going to have a job?
”Yes! Driving a car!”
Anything else you like to do?
”Yeah! Play with the Nugget, baking, cooking, art.”
Who is your best friend?
Do you like to go on trips?
”Yes! I love sleeping in hotels!”
What are you growing in your garden?
”(Loud excited noise!) Tomatoes, strawberries, flowers, lavender, and, best of all, milkweed!”
Are you learning to read?
”Yeah. I want to read Goodnight Moon to Reed!”
Are you a happy girl?
”Yes, I am!”
Is there anything else you want to say about yourself?
”Umm, no thank you. I am really tired of all these questions. Reed wants to read a book with me, so I am going to take a break now.”