I have been pretty quiet in this space recently. Life has been full and rich, though—my marriage has taken a sweet turn and for the first time maybe ever since our girls were born, my husband and I are really enjoying one another. I am feeling more connected to my daughters all of the time and just in awe of who they are turning into as the most empathetic, loving people I know. We are spending almost all day every day outside enjoying our land, tending to our first garden. I think of a thousand things to write each day, but finding the appropriate pause to do so is proving tricky. I don’t want to miss any of the magic happening around me. Bringing my computer outside during our hours long adventures feels wrong in this season,

But at the same time, my ache to write is only growing lately. For a long while I have entertained the voice that tells me I am not a real writer because this or that. But here’s the thing, I am a writer because I write. And I ultimately don’t write to impress anyone—I write because I have to. So here I am, back in this cozy space, hoping to preserve and make more sense of my life. And if anything I say can help one of you feel less lonely, then that makes it all even better.