Tiny Details


I’ve had these photos in my head for quite a while now, and I finally sat my oldest down to make half of them a reality this weekend (baby was not in the mood). I wanted to capture the most common expressions my daughters make and the tiniest details that make up their beautiful faces. I will look back on these and cry, I already know it. Her eyelashes, perfect and untouched by the makeup I’m sure she’ll experiment with down the road. Her dark, dark eyes she gets so many compliments on from strangers, and the way she smiles with them before her mouth even moves. The way the tops of her ears stick out just like mine do, and the fact that she has not yet felt self conscious about them. Her wild mane of hair that suddenly looks so long and makes her bald babyhood seem like such a faraway memory. I took away the color and the props and the carefully chosen outfit to capture this child, my full of life girl, in all of her raw magic, and these photos make me feel more than any perfectly lit sunset backdrop or pretty twirly dress ever could.


If you are interested in booking a Tiny Details session of your littles, please reach out at jrockphotog@gmail.com. No need to buy a new outfit or a bunch of props—I’d love to photograph your child close up so you can remember this sweet season forever.