We Can Change Your Story


Mama, we need to talk.

Your kids have been screaming all day (all week, all month, all year), and you broke. You yelled back. Again.
Your child won’t stop hitting. He hits you, his toys, his sister, himself. Why is he so angry?
You are terrified to take your toddler to the store, or anywhere for that matter. The tantrums get worse each time and it stresses you out so much when she tries to crawl out of the cart to touch things.
You have a million toys, all of the current popular ones, but your children are never satisfied and always asking for something new.
You are so overwhelmed and totally out of ideas on how to entertain your young child. You feel like you are failing at this full time mom thing—all you do is give suggestions and try to guide your toddler’s play and she isn’t into any of it!
You just flat out do not understand your child. What the HECK does he want?
or even
You are super interested in the whole idea of respectful parenting, but not sure how to get started. You know there are books but you’d rather have someone to talk to, someone who has read the books and experienced the peaceful mothering lifestyle firsthand.

This does not have to be your story. We can change it. I say we, because I would love to help you and your family connect better. I would love to help you not only understand, but ENJOY your children. I would love to help your children feel heard and acccepted. After a lot of behind the scenes encouragement, I would like to start offering little one on one consultations with families via email, phone, Skype, or in person. I’ve been doing this quietly for free for years now and plan to continue offering snippets of what has worked with my own daughters through my Bare Mama brand, but I would love to offer a more real life experience to you if I can. I have been an attachment/gentle parent for almost four years, a La Leche League leader for two years, and a children’s yoga instructor, and I have seen firsthand the incredible transformation in the behavior and relationship between parent and child that can come with a little bit of reframing, deep breathing, and mutual respect. Most importantly, I am at a place where I truly enjoy my children. That is not at all to say I think I’m a better mother than anyone else—I think it is possible for all of us to love this season in all of its mess and big feelings.. Our littles are only little for so long—we can’t get this time back.

You are doing awesome, mama. Sometimes we all need an outside perspective to help us shift our mindset just a little. Please reach out to me at jrockphotog@gmail.com for more information.