A Thank You to My Midwife


In our birth culture, we often forget about the mother, but we totally forget about the midwife. Most families don't even consider birthing at home. And even for those of us who choose differently, the focus tends to be the baby, and then maybe the mother, and sometimes even the father if he is involved in the process at all. But what about the woman who sleeps with her phone on loud and races across town at all hours of the night to sit with us as long as it takes to catch our babies and then clean up our homes like the universe didn't just magically burst open in the middle of our living rooms? Watching you work this week made me feel like I didn't thank you appropriately last summer, Anna, because my mind was on my new baby. You somehow make the comfort of our own homes even more comfortable when we are at our most vulnerable. You are obviously living your calling.