My Favorite Parenting Books


Seven Times the Sun

I read this book in one sitting during my pregnancy with Reed. The concept of daily, weekly, and montly rhythms being the dependable heartbeat of childhood is woven throughout, and it was written so beautifully I couldn't put it down. I am planning to read it again soon and I fully expect it to motivate me all over again to create routines and traditions my children can count on so they feel safe to play, learn, and explore the world around them. If you aren't familiar with Waldorf philosophy, this book is a wonderful starting point!


No Bad Kids

Janet Lansbury is my go to for practical, calm nuggets of mothering wisdom. She is all about treating children like the full human beings they are and acknowledging their emotions as valid and important. She put words to the instincts I had early on with Edie and fleshed them out for me so I didn't have to do a ton of trial and error on what works in terms of discipline and communication with my children--gentle parenting is the stuff! I recommend this book to all of my mama friends and I haven't heard a negative review yet. 


Simplicity Parenting

This is a fairly popular read in the gentle parenting community, and for good reason. I purchased this book shortly after Edie's first birthday and it lit a fire in my soul for giving my kids the best childhood by giving them less. Less toys, less screen time, less guided play creates more space for free learning and building confidence. I recommend this one to parents almost weekly.


Heaven on Earth

Another Waldorf, rhythm-based parenting read--this book is super lovely and inspiring. Children are magical and should be give regularly daily space to live out that magic. I feel so lucky every day to get to stand back and observe it.



When it comes to this mama gig, I'll be the first to tell you I don't have it all (or any of it) figured out. I also don't spend every bit of my free time reading parenting books, as I recognize that the dynamic between my children and myself is unique and changing all of the time and can't be explained away by one theory (we are people with souls and big feelings!), but I have found considering other perspectives and experiences and coping strategies in times of stress to be extremely helpful in working through and growing my own.