“Reed, Reed, Reed. Can you look at me, baby?”

I lie you down on your right side on the bed and crouch in front of you. You have just convulsed in my arms. This is completely new to me, but I am calm. I unzip your red jammies and move my hands from your head to your belly as your body starts to heat up. You begin to moan and your eyes open and close, focusing on nothing. A febrile seizure. You’ve never had one, and neither has your sister, but I’ve read about them.

”Daniel! I think she’s having a seizure!” I cry out from the bedroom and your Dada comes running in with his phone, ready to search symptoms. You meet the description of a simple febrile seizure perfectly, and I continue talking to you as you eventually wake up, exhausted from what has just happened.

I stay up with you all night, monitoring and noting every movement. You nurse and I pray and kiss your head, and then pray and kiss your head again.