“I got it, Mama! I will push the cart.”

You let out a loud squeal of pure joy as your sister leans in and shoves you forward with both arms and all of her might. The older man we are sharing the Whole Foods aisle with smiles, as do I. You girls are contagious in that way.

”’Gain, ‘gain, ‘gain!” Just moments ago, when I was steering, you were begging to get out. But you are absolutely thrilled to be Edie’s passenger. I stop scanning the prices on Coconut Aminos and tell myself to mentally collect this memory so I can look back on it later. You are both giggling now, your feet kicking wildly as she tries to slow you down before plowing the cart into a shelf of crackers.

This is a snippet in time I feel myself loving that I am not in control. I couldn’t have created it if I tried.