Our Favorite Elderberry (plus a coupon code!)


You’ve probably heard the hype about elderberry as a natural cold and flu fighter in the last few years. I’ve tried a handful of brands for myself and my family, and I’ve finally landed on one I absolutely love for all of us. It doesn’t have any sugar, is organic, and is safe for babies to adults. It’s also a blend of a few other potent herbs specific to preventing/healing symptoms like cough—wild cherry bark is wonderful! I’ve been dosing this for my girls daily to fight off anything we may be exposed to during sick season, and so far it seems to be working beautifully. And, surprise! (or no surprise—I’ve loved everything we’ve tried by this brand) It’s by Birth Song Botanicals. And they just happen to be running an amazing 25% off Black Friday deal on gift sets (time to stock up!), and I also have a code for you to use ON TOP OF that 25% off for another 25% off! I am way too excited because I have a few pregnant mamas in my life who are very special to me, and I am about to buy them all the things on top of the immune and wellness products I plan on snagging for myself and my family. I don’t really do a lot of brand name dropping in this space, so when I do you should know I am seriously passionate about the product. This is good stuff!

Use my code bare_mama for an extra 25% off.
Happy Thanksgiving, friends! <3