Birthday Manicure


My big girl had her first manicure on her birthday, and she loved every minute! After doing some research on salons with non-toxic options in the area (spoiler: there aren’t many), we decided to go with Chelsey Beasley Beauty in Springdale. She offers a handful of Zoya nailpolishes that are free of all the junk most brands have, is a mama herself and was completely understanding and nonjudgmental of my wishes. My four year old still puts her fingers in her mouth (and her nose, haha) fairly often, so I wasn’t really interested in coating them with chemicals that would take weeks to wear off. She of course picked a pretty dark blue, and she talked about her nails and the whole experience nonstop for the next few days.

Thanks so much, Chelsey, for helping make my girl’s day extra special!

To contact Chelsey, visit her Facebook page HERE.