Big Girl Room: Before


We are hard at work trying to transform this space into the room of my oldest daughter’s dreams. She is turning four this week and has never had a room of her own—we’ve bedshared from the get go, had an intentional playspace for her since she was a young toddler, and I’ve tried to really tune in to her readiness for her own bed and door to close. Just recently she’s been expressing interest, although she usually follows it up with, “And you will sleep in my room with me! And Dada! And sister!” So obviously we aren’t expecting it to be a cold turkey transition away from the family bed idea. But, we are all excited to make a room she can escape away to for projects she doesn’t want her sister’s hands in, quiet time with her favorite books, and creating all kinds of magical worlds from her incredible imagination. I have so many mixed emotions about moving her to her own bed and just the fact that she is turning four in general, which feels like a really major age to me. But more than anything else, I want to give her this space to grow and learn and find herself, and I can’t wait to help her decorate it. But first my husband is painting those existing pink and gray walls a pretty blue, because our girl’s favorite color from the beginning doesn’t seem to be going anywhere :) It’s going to be a special week in our house!