Ordinary Day


Today was one of those extraordinary ordinary days—you know the kind. Nothing unusual happened but I found myself trying to catch my breath multiple times at the very sight of my children doing their everyday activities. At one point my oldest called for me to come wipe her, and when I walked through the door into the bathroom she said, “Hi, Mama,” with the biggest grin on her face. She made me feel like I was the loveliest person she had ever seen, even as I cleaned her bottom, and I found myself laughing and reminding myself to take a mental picture of that very moment: my dark-eyed, wild-haired daughter at almost four, leaning over her legs, completely vulnerable and unashamed in the presence of her mother, covered in flour from baking brownies with two toddlers, often wondering if she shows her children enough love. This quick second made me think just maybe I am, because, oh! Her smile stretched all the way up to her eyes!

This is the hardest, most beautiful work, this mothering gig.