Reed Camille, Two Months

Hi, friends! I am two months old today.
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 11.5 pounds and am really long!
-I wear 3-6 months clothes!
-I look just like my sister except I have my uncle Jake's nose.
-I started smiling and cooing at Mama the day after I turned one month.
-I am about to giggle any time now--it almost sounds like it when Mama makes faces at me.
-I started rolling over from belly to back regularly at five weeks.
-I am still a great sleeper.
-I sleep on Mama but she can lie me down if she needs to and I stay asleep.
-I love to be worn.
-I fall asleep almost immediately in the car.
-I got to meet all of my aunts and uncles this month!
-I went on my first little road trip to Tulsa. Slept the whole drive!
-I am super tolerant of sister's cuddles and loud yelling.
-I get lots of comments from strangers about what a smiley baby I am!
-I am incredibly interested in hanging objects. I love my new play gym.
-I grin and coo when Mama reads to sister.
-Dada is the only one who can calm me down during my witching hour late at night. I love lying on his legs and looking up at him.
-Other than my very short fussy time in the evenings, I am an incredibly easy, happy baby!


Oh, my girl You have healed my heart with your joy--you are such a happy baby and I can't help but let it rub off on me. I wish I could freeze time and keep you at this smiley age forever, but I also know you have much more to teach us. We love you so much, sweet Reed!