Reed Camille, One Month Old

Hi, friends! I am one month old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

I weigh over 9.5 pounds and am 22.5 inches long.
I am in the 96th percentile for weight and 60th for height.
I have dark, fuzzy hair and dark brown eyes.
I am a super mellow girl and a great sleeper.
But...I have my days and nights mixed up, so Mama hasn't been getting any sleep at all.
I've already slept a few six hour stretches and I'm still gaining around 10 ounces a week on Mama's milk.
I made Mama work really hard the first couple of weeks to get nursing established--I was really sleepy all the time!
I had my tongue and lip ties revised at five days old.
I am a trooper when it comes to my big sister's constant (not super gentle) affection.
I coo a lot lately!
I smile and laugh in my sleep.
I'm not a fan of baths at this point.
I immediately calm down when Mama picks me up.
I track Mama with my eyes and turn my head to her voice.
I love being worn in my Solly and Wildbird!
I sleep on Mama's chest most of the time, but I am a unicorn baby who usually stays asleep for a bit if she needs to put me down to help sister.
I rarely cry--only when Mama is busy helping sister and doesn't get to me when I first start showing I'm hungry.
Overall I'm a super content, easy-going babe!


Sweet Reed, in one incredibly quick month you have brought so much joy and calm to my heart and our home in general. I feel like I've always known you, yet I'm also shocked every day that such a content, low maintenance baby came from me. You are just what we needed to keep on this healing journey and so worth waiting well past our due date for! We love you, moon child.