Un-Potty Training is Apparently A Thing

These photos are from two months ago, when my child was excitedly using the potty regularly and celebrating herself every time she did so. Today, she is back in diapers and her response when I mention using the potty is much worse than the last picture above. I was very frustrated and confused for about a week before I decided to calm down, hear her out, and read up on it. Apparently this is extremely common in toddlers expecting siblings/going through big changes.

Still, it threw this mama for quite a loop. One day she was begging me to wear panties and to be a big girl, and the next she was acting like I was trying to hurt her every time I talked about the potty. She even started telling me, "No, I want to be a baby," and begging me to put a diaper on her so she could relieve herself--she was holding it until I did. So I gave in and am trying to focus on the deeper need here. And honestly, I am suddenly feeling my own crazy mixed emotions on the upcoming change, so I get it. I am feeling more of a need to connect with Edie and remind her of my love every five seconds, so I can understand how the anticipation might feel unbearably overwhelming to a young child. 

However, I am not looking forward to potty training AGAIN. Like, I really don't know if I have it in me. I'm trying to tell myself otherwise but my motivation is totally elsewhere at this point (NESTING NESTING NESTING--oh my goodness--the whole house needs to be perfect NOW). Would love your input, veteran mamas. Gentle potty training tips after what seemed like real trauma/shame from the regression? Mothering a toddler is no joke, you guys.