Eden Faye, 23 Months Old


Hi, friends! I am 23 months old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh almost 27 pounds and am almost 34 inches tall!
-I wear size 24 months and 2t clothes and size 6 shoes.
-I got a bunch of new teeth this month! My incisors are giving me a lot of trouble and pain.
-I've taken a liking to my freckles (one on my left forearm and one on my right thigh) and like to point them out to Mama. Sometimes I get my arms mixed up and get all upset and say, "Freckle! Where it go? Oh no!" until Mama shows me my other arm.
-I like to pet Mama's hair.
-I love cuddling and ask, "Mama, snuggle me?" several times a day.
-I give hugs and kisses out like candy--to Mama, Dada, Pa, Grammy, Nat, all of my books and animals and anything I think is cute. I ask to kiss strangers in the grocery store.
-I think most things are cute. Especially clothes and shoes. I tell Mama what I want to wear and say, "It's cute!" I also tell her, "Looks cute!" when she gets dressed.
-I've picked up a couple of phrases I think are really funny:
"Oh MY!"
"Daggit" (Dangit)
"Wucka heck?" (What the heck?)
"Oh gosh!"
"Crazy Edie!"
"It's k!"
"Care-sul Edie"
-I love riding in the car and ask to "Go in big girl seat!"
-I bring at least one of my animal friends with me almost everywhere I go-usually cat, Pooh, or Eeyore.
-I LOVE Winnie the Pooh everything. Anytime I ask for T.V. time, I ask to watch the original Pooh movie.
-I jump everywhere and say, "Tiggers yuv bouncin! I kangaroo!"
-I kiss each of my Pooh puzzle pieces and bring them to Mama to nurse at least once a day and then put them down for a nap.
-You can find me "Cookin eggs" or "Cookin beef" all day everyday. I say, "Mama, bite?" and then say, "Mmmm yum!"
-I love doing 3, 2, 1 blast off and airplane with Dada.
-I ask, "Where's Dada?" "Dada home soon?" all day long.
-In the morning I ask to, "Dada aseep, wake 'em up!" and then I jump on him and snuggle him before he gets ready for work.
-I wake up earlier consistently now. Around 6 a.m.
-I am ready for bed at 7 p.m.
-I still sleep with Mama and with all of these teeth coming in lately I nurse several times throughout the night.
-I love the library and the book store and ask to go to them every day.
-My favorite book is currently Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb. I have it mostly memorized and read it to myself often.
-I also have Go, Dogs, Go! mostly memorized, as well as The Book with No Pictures.
-I still love dancing and I draw an audience every Saturday at the Farmers Market.
-I take one long nap in the middle of the day.
-I always ask, "Mama and Dada, sit, too!" if I'm eating at my table by myself.
-I prefer eating off of Mama's plate even though mine has the same thing on it.
-I hate having dirty hands and ask Mama to wipe them several times while playing or eating something messy.
-But! I love to play outside and end up getting really dirty every day.
-I love "bancing" (balancing) on curbs and am really coordinated!
-I can do a mean burpee and love to do them with Mama when she works out.
-I talk in full, short sentences almost all of the time.
-I've really started becoming interested in other kids, especially ones a little older than I am. Lately I follow them around and try to copy what they do at places like the park and library.
-I am (so far!) really good at giving things back without getting upset if Mama asks me to.
-I love all animals.
-I found my first turtle in the backyard while Mama was in the garage this month. I started screaming for Mama and saying, "Turtle! Turtle! See turtle!"
-Everywhere we go I get comments on how happy I am.
-I also get a lot of comments on how busy I am.
-I ask Mama to "Take picture?" now and then I want to see it.
-If I'm really tired and ready to get out of the car, I start crying and asking Mama to, "Kiss me! Pweez Mama! Kiss me!"
-I say "Pweeze, Mama" "Pweeze, Dada" and "Thank you" all the time!
-I can count to ten easily and can identify about half of the alphabet.
-I know all of my shapes and colors.
-I try to catch and kiss butterflies.
-I love to eat and Mama cannot keep up with my appetite.
-If Mama asks me what I want to eat, I usually say hummus, watermelon, or strawberries.
-I rarely have freak outs and they are usually easily solved by Mama getting down on my level and explaining what is going on. Or offering the boob. Always the boob.
-If you ask me how old I am, I say, "Almost two!"


Edie, TWO? In one short month? If I hadn't kept this record, I might not believe it. I love you so much, my wild girl.