So Long, Sweet Summer

We've come to the end of August. The public elementary school across the street from our neighborhood has been back in session for several days, which means we have to get in the car to get to a playground now. Summer is on her way out, although it will probably still be muggy in Northwest Arkansas for another month or two. But it's getting dark a little earlier, and Edie has scooped up her first handful of crunchy leaves from the trail we walk each morning after breakfast.

I am always awaiting autumn. My birthday falls either the day before or on the first day of the season, which played a large role in my anticipation as a young girl. But now my daughter's birthday is almost a month after mine and my wedding anniversary is a week later, so fall is full to the brim. Plus, that crisp, cool air. Ah.

Taking a break from this space made this season feel much longer, mostly in a good way. Nap time was a time to recharge when I wasn't rushing around to finish a post. I was much more present with Edie when I didn't feel pressured to capture it on my camera or phone. The days were long but also full. 

Although this summer had its moments (what season doesn't?), the past few months have been sweet overall. We found a house and will be moving WAY closer to Daniel's office soon soon soon. Edie has grown into a big kid who talks in sentences and dances everywhere we go. She carries a baby with her everywhere, shares her food with them and makes them dance. She calls me, "Babe!" about half of the time, and I kind of love it. She pretends to "Call Dada" on every small object she finds. She asks to "Go for a run" every morning and we end up playing follow the leader--she tells me when to "Run, too!" and "Walk, too!" and "Skip, too!" Her current favorite phrase is, "Mama do," which usually means she wants me to clean her hands, get something that's too high or open something for her. I can't believe we are approaching her second birthday, and I still can't believe I get to be her mama. 

Hope you had a summer to remember, friends. Would love to hear from you!