Kitty Romper

So I think my child looks pretty cute in everything she wears, but not every outfit deserves its own blog post. But THIS ROMPER, you guys. I mean...

If you've been following us for a bit, you know Edie has a cat obsession we can't explain. We don't have a cat. We aren't planning on getting a cat. We are not cat people.

But we are Edie people, so I've looked for other ways to meet her cat-loving needs. I stumbled upon this kitty romper from local brand Darwin and Delilah, and it was love. I tried to convince myself to wait for her birthday to snag it (I am considering a black cat theme!), but ultimately decided that was just too far away and it could be too chilly. And I am so glad I didn't wait because I could have missed out on an entire day of Edie meowing at me :) Who knows if she'll still be this silly in six months?

And BIG bonus: Darwin and Delilah is a mama-owned shop! I love supporting small, local businesses but now that I'm a mom myself I have a serious soft spot for spending my money on mama-run brands I can really get behind. This shop has lots of super cute vintage-inspired pieces (I almost wish Edie was in love with foxes! And I already have my eye on this coat for next winter). 

I go back and forth a lot on what to save and what to donate after girl grows out of clothing, but this little number will be saved, for sure.