Berry Pickin'

Saturday morning may have been one of the sweetest little snippets of time we've spent together as a family of three. We got to the strawberry patch just after it opened and had it all to ourselves. The sun made the cooler morning temperature feel just right and we started at the very back because that's where the farmer told us all of the biggest berries were, and he wasn't lying. Edie probably ate as many as we picked and watching the juice run down her chin was so beautiful for me. My tiny daughter is already so much more carefree than I've ever been and I so badly want to encourage her wild spirit in any way I can. She kept shuffling around her Dada as he picked trying to make sure he could see her waiting patiently for another treat. It was the loveliest half hour and I felt like we'd just returned from a weeklong vacation when we got home. I think we'll be making a tradition of this little outing!