Why Take Mother's Day Portraits?

Whether within your body or within you heart, you carried your babe with you before you even met her. You lost sleep, you felt uncomfortable and unsure, you worried yourself sick, you cried out of fear and excitement. And then you saw her, held her for the first time, and in the days since you've been choreographing, practicing and revising a dance together. You have found your flow and lost it and felt like you had to start over, maybe several times, but you've kept her safe and loved her fiercely through every misstep. You move together so beautifully, and the way she clings to you makes your heart burst. You are always in motion, always lifting and fixing and kissing and rocking, but somehow you still feel invisible much of the time.

This is why I take portraits of mothers and their children--because as a mother myself, I know what it's like to feel as though you're always just out of the frame. You are on the fringes, in the background, behind the camera, in the dark in the middle of the night, doing all of the not so glamorous work the world doesn't care to see because look! a cute baby. But you are so lovely and your baby is thriving because of you. Please let me show you the gentle curve of your body as you carry your child, the way she relaxes and rests in your arms or at your breast just after a fit, the bowl of your palm as you hold it out to collect the tiny wildflowers she excitedly brings to you as a gift. Let me show you that you're doing it, Mama, and you're doing it so beautifully.