Eden Faye, 18 Months Old

Hi, friends! I'm 18 months old today.
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 22 pounds, 14 ounces and am 32 inches tall!
-I am in the 40% for weight, 60% for height, and 80% for head circumference!
-I wear 12-18 months clothes.
-I wear size 3 diapers and am currently working on potty training!
-I tell Mama when I need to poop and point to the bathroom.
-I eat three meals a day, sometimes ask for a snack, and still nurse throughout the day, before bed, once throughout the night and first thing in the morning.
-I drink water (I ask for "sips") from an open cup and haven't spilled it on myself in over a month!
-I take one long nap in the middle of the day and sleep from 7 to 7/8 (still in Mama and Dada's bed).
-I popped my first two molars (bottom) last week and two on top are swollen. It's been way more painful than my first six teeth.
-If I bump something, I say, "hurt" and point to whatever it is (head, foot, etc) and then say, "Mama, kiss" and run over for her to kiss it and say, "All better!"
-I say SO MANY WORDS! Over 200. Mama stopped counting.
-I have lots of two word phrases, too!
-I can name and point to all of the parts of the body and face on myself and on other people/in books.
-I can name and make the noise of most animals. My cat noise sounds prettyyy possessed.
-I've started saying, "please!"
-I love when other people sneeze because then I get to say, "Bless you!" (I get really excited when I say it.)
-I also love to sneeze and wait for Mama to say "Bless you!"
-I say "my (whatever object or body part)."
-After Mama finishes a book I say, "again again!"
-I love looking at pictures of babies and seeing them in person.
-People fall into the following categories, according to me:
...all females are "girls" but males can be "boys" or "guys" (hahaha!)
-I love my Pa and ask to "call Pa" at least once a day.
-Anytime I see a guy with a beard in a book or on T.V. I say, "Pa!" (Saw a commercial for SNL with Russell Crowe...hahaha).
-I still pronounce any f word with an sh sound. Fish are "shish," flowers are "showers," "fall" is "shawl."
-I love taking baths and I say, "swim swim swim!" while I lie on my belly and kick in the water.
-I am obsessed with belly buttons. I like to lift Mama and Dada's shirts and poke them and say "tittle tittle tittle" and wait for them to giggle. I lift my own shirt and point out my "beh buh" and tickle myself sometimes, too!
-Whenever Mama takes a photo of me I say, "Pic-chuh! I see, see!"
-I ask to "see, see" anything anyone is doing if it's too high up for me. 
-When asked "Who's that?" in a picture of myself, I say, "me."
-I've also referred to myself as "Dee Dee" a couple of times.
-I say, "bye bye!" and wave at the phone whenever Mama hangs up.
-I wave and say, "Hi!" to strangers at the store.
-At Barnes and Noble last week I ran over to a lady sitting down reading and put my hand on her leg and said, "Hi!"
-I think I made an older lady's day in a parking lot a couple of weeks ago when I kept pointing at her and saying, "Girl! Girl!"
-I've jumped with both feet coming off of the ground a few times this month.
-I point at the T.V. and ask Mama to "run run run" or "stretch!" when I'm ready to work out or do yoga videos.
-I love carrying around a blankie or towel.
-I love to help Mama put things in the basket at the store.
-I'm really proud of myself when I put my books back on the shelf or my blocks back in the basket.
-If I'm not wearing pants I usually run up to Mama and say, "Pants!" like I'm reminding her she forgot to put them on me.
-I love wearing shoes.
-I get super excited about going on walks and love to point out every tree, flower, rock, stick, dirt, ant (I know all these words).
-If I'm playing on the floor and I see a bug crawling I yell "Ant! Ant!" and point until I get Mama's attention until she takes care of it.
-I love sleeping on Mama's pillow but don't like being under the covers.
-I brush my teeth when Mama brushes hers and make silly noises to try to imitate her electric toothbrush, then say, "Done!" when I'm done.
-I am somehow able to determine what is trash and what isn't trash and identify it correctly--"tash."
-I ask to dance ALL THE TIME. During breakfast, randomly while we read, right when I wake up from my nap, all day long!
-I love cars, trucks, and tractors and name them all accurately.
-I ask to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider all the time by saying "Sy sy" and doing the hand motions.
-I also love Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and ask to sing it by randomly putting both hands on my head and saying, "Head!" until Mama catches on.
-I call a nose, "Mose" and think it's funny to pick it.
-If I find Mama or Dada's socks on the floor I pick them up and bring them to them and say, "socks!"
-I no longer require movement to fall asleep. I like to just lie down with Mama and nurse until I doze off.
-Two nights ago I nursed to sleep, popped off the boob, suddenly picked up my head and looked at Mama and said, "Sleep!" and she said, "Yeah, it's time to sleep," and I giggled and laid my head down and I was out.
-I tell Mama and Dada to "stop" when I'm not in the mood to be tickled or if they are holding me back from getting something I want.
-I say "Wipe wipe" and "Mess!" and get down on my knees and wipe the floor with my hands, a towel, etc.
-I ask Mama, "Help?" when I'm trying to get something or tell her, "Stuck stuck!" if I need
help getting out of a situation or position.
-Speaking of that, I climb EVERYTHING!
-I have several of my books memorized or partially memorized--specifically the ones with only a word or two per page.
-I know and can name most of the common colors!
-I can count to three!
-I ask for "more" often--more food, more water, more milk, more yoga.
-I say, "Uh oh!" and then "Dropped it!" when I drop something or if Mama drops something.
-I love giving kisses and hugs to Mama and Dada and ask them, "Kiss?" often.
-I play pretend! One of my favorite little bits is to suddenly lie down and fake snore until Mama says, "Ahh she's asleep!" and then I pop my head up really fast with a huge smile and she says, "She's awake!" Then I pretend to fall asleep again.


A year and a half, Edie babe! I can't believe it. I've known you for a year and a half outside of my womb--the weight of your growing body in my arms, what it feels like as you draw milk from my breast (which you do so VERY OFTEN lately--teething stinks!), the curl of your spine inside the curl of mine as we sleep. A year and a half but I can't remember what life was like before you. You taught me what it is to have open eyes and an open heart to the world as it rocks me. You've conditioned my body to be strong enough to cradle the universe--you are my sun and stars. I can't believe how much you've changed and how much you've changed your Dada and me. You are such a huge love in a tiny person. I love you so so much!