Her One Lonely Curl

Yesterday I chased this wild woman around in an attempt to get a decent profile photo. Daniel and I think it's a pretty good time to order one of these beauties because THAT CURL. Yes, singular--she has ONE curl and I love love love it. She's slowly starting to get more hair on top of her head, too, so I wanted to freeze her sweet little silhouette in time before her she sprouts a bunch of curls that hide the shape of her big, beautiful noggin. :) 

That reminds me of a conversation we had with a stranger yesterday:

Lady with good intentions: "Aw, she's beautiful! What is she, about 10 months? 11?"

Me: "She'll be 18 months next week!"

Lady: "Oh! I'm sorry! You're a big girl, you're just so BALD!"

...? What do you even say to that?