Silly Dada

Edie at 17 months is madly in love with her Dada. I feel like it happened overnight--one day she clung to me like a 20 pound piece of velcro and the next she was sprinting to Daniel when he walked in after work. As of this past month she runs to the door, touches it, looks at me and asks, "Dada?" at least five times a day. Every time my phone rings or I pick it up to look at it for whatever reason she stops what she is doing and yells, "Dada!" excitedly. Her first two word phrase was, "Silly Dada!" while shaking her head wearing a huge grin. She loves to crawl all over him, "bass" (bounce) on his stomach while he lies on the floor, hug his neck and ride around the house on a blanket he's pulling. I knew he'd be the first man she fell in love with but to watch it happen is something entirely different.