Rainy Day Gardening, Etc.

Yesterday it rained and rained some more, so Edie and I rolled up our sleeves and started a few seeds on the kitchen windowsill. If I'm being honest, I can't say that anything will become of them because I have a pretty poor track record with plants, but I'm hoping we'll see some beets and sweet peppers pop up at some point! I have big dreams of teaching her to grow her own food (as I learn to do so myself!) and maybe even collect eggs from backyard chickens someday. 

It's storming again today and baby girl is fast asleep after an intense mid-morning dance party. I'm quite enjoying the damp transition into spring this year and am excited for the forecast's promise of more rain. Yesterday afternoon I found myself lying on the floor in the dim living room with Edie's body curled up against my left side, her head on my upper arm as she nursed, my palm resting on her chest. I saw her hand fly up out of the corner of my eye and soon felt her fingers wrapping around mine. She's been doing that a lot more lately--reaching for my hand on her own accord. It instantly hushes every worry--the sweetest fleeting gift that I know wouldn't be nearly as delicious if I tasted it all of the time. What a trip, this motherhood deal.