I just got home from a wonderful counseling session and I thought I'd share in this space what I shared on Instagram a few days ago: 

I have healed so much in the past couple of months, I can feel it in the softness of my daughter's hair against my face just before she wakes, the way my coffee tastes, the quick beat of my heart during our afternoon dance parties, the early spring sun on my bare shoulders. The trauma of last year is finally loosening her grip and I'm saying goodbye to the ghost of so many new mama worries that never came to fruition. I am laughing so much more lately, not caring if we are running late or getting too dirty for where we're going, listening to my child's growing collection of words and remembering my love for the story. Mine isn't over yet, not even close. I think I'm just now becoming a main character.


Our marriage is moving in the right direction, too. I plan to share a little more on that soon, once I run things by my husband, of course.