Eden Faye, 17 Months Old

Hi friends! I am 17 months old today.
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh over 22 pounds and am over 31 inches tall.
-I wear 12-18 months clothes, size 3 diapers, and size 5 shoes.
-I sleep from 7 p.m. to 7-8 a.m. Most nights I half-wake to nurse around 10 and 4ish.
-I take one long 2-3 hour nap in the middle of the day.
-I still LOVE food and will eat anything you put on my plate. And I usually carry my empty plate to Mama and ask for "mo."
-I also still love to nurse and do so often throughout the day!
-I say so many words, Mama doesn't know how to list them anymore! I pick up multiple new ones a day and can pretty much repeat almost any word.
-When Mama asks, "Who are you?" I say, "E!"
-I've transitioned away from calling nursing "milkies." I now point to Mama's chest and say, "Boob! Mack (milk)!"
-I've started saying a few two word sentences and phrases:
"3, 2, 1, blast off!"
"my shoes"
"toe hurt"
"head hurt"
"silly Dada!"
"Hi, Dada"
-I not only know where all of my body parts and facial features are and can point to them when asked, I can name them when Mama points to them!
-I've mastered so many animal noises! Snake, cat, duck, chicken, bird, owl, dog, lion...
-Owls are one of my new favorite animals lately.
-I love going to the park to "go pay!" When we're there I run to the swing and say "sing!" and after a few seconds in it I point to the slide and say "side!" and Mama pretty much spends the whole time taking me back and forth. I even climbed all the way up the slide by myself a few days ago.
-I LOVE giving hugs and kisses to Mama and Dada now and have started giving them on my own accord a hundred times a day. I say, "skeeze!" (squeeze) and hug Mama's neck really tight.
-All words that start with F come out with the SH sound. FISH is "shish," FLOWER is "shower."
-I climb EVERYTHING. Every time Mama turns around I'm up on top of a table or pulling myself up onto the stovetop.
-I say "toot!" when I toot. I also say it when Mama or Dada toots. (Hahahaha!)
-I tell Mama when I need to poop and then walk to my potty and wait for her to pull down my pants. (I think we're going to get more serious about potty training this month!)
-I'm super ticklish and said, "tittle" when someone tickles me. I also try to tickle Mama and say, "tittle!"
-I went on my first real vacation this month! I called the snow, "so" and loved playing in it. I got really upset every time Mama tried to carry me inside.
-I'm super interested in belly buttons and I lift my shirt often to point at mine and say, "beh buh." I lift Mama's and Dada's shirts to check for theirs, too. And last time Grandpa was here he was lying on the floor with me and I checked for his, too!
-Speaking of Grandpa, I call him "Pa" and recognize him in pictures and his voice on the phone, When Mama talks to him I say "Pa!"
-Every time she hangs up the phone I say, "bye bye!"
-Anytime a door opens (whether it's someone coming in the house, into the room or out of the bathroom) I stop what I'm doing and yell, "Hi!" while waving.
-I love to drag around blankies or anything resembling a small blanket--towels, shirts, etc.
-I love putting on Mama's "dasses" (glasses).
-I think it's super cool that I can easily pull myself up onto the couch now and I do so a hundred times a day.
-I also love to climb all the way up the stairs (Mama walks behind me) and can go from bottom to top in about five seconds!
-Whenever Mama is holding me and we walk by the mantle where a candle is lit, I point and say "tanduh, hot!" and wave my hand in a "hot" motion. I also usually try to blow it out.
-I love taking baths and can say "bubbles" perfectly.
-I ask for a "sip" multiple times a day and have gotten really good at drinking from an open cup on my own!
-I've also mastered using a spoon and fork.
-I color with my left hand.
-I can identify and say "purpuh" (purple), "peek" (pink), and "boo" (blue).
-When Mama is getting me dressed I name the articles of clothing and raise my arms for her to put my shirt or dress on and sit and stick each leg out for my pants and socks.
-I LOVE my new shoes and am constantly asking Mama to put them on and then I say, "Walk walk walk" as I take a bunch of really fast steps.
-I ask to go "out" and "walk" multiple times a day and run over and try to open the door.
-I can reach doorknobs now and am trying to turn them.
-I walk on my own on long walks now and rarely want to be carried. I love being allowed to explore and usually grab a "sick" (stick) or "wock" (rock) to carry.
-I ask to "dass" (dance) multiple times a day and love my dance parties with Mama. When Dada is home on weekends we all dance!
-My favorite songs are "Shake It Off," "Shut Up and Dance," and "Firework."
-Every afternoon Mama asks, "Should we work out?" and I stand up and run in place really fast and point at the T.V. We do several cardio and yoga videos. I run, do squats, and go into downward facing dog on command.
-I rock my babies all the time and pretend to nurse them.
-I love helping Mama with laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning the floor.
-I brush my own teeth and wipe my own face with a washcloth.
-I wake up talking sometimes. Lately it's something like poking Mama in the eye and saying, "eye!" It makes her laugh.
-When I want Mama to see or do something, I get behind her and try to push her in that direction.
-I throw an occasional fit if I want to see or do something and Mama has my hand and is trying to walk away. I go limp and refuse to walk with her but when she squats down and talks to me calmly I usually settle down quickly.


Oh Edie, just when I think you can't get any more spunky you start climbing all the things and teaching me how great the learning curve is every day--you're learning what all your body can do as I'm learning what all you can do, too and how many scary places you can put yourself in that I had no idea you were even capable of! Being your Mama is a hilarious, terrifying adventure and I feel like I should qualify how often I say, "Careful, honey!' with "I just love you so much, I don't want you to get hurt!" You really are a smart, obedient babe at this point, though and your tantrums are rare and short. And when they do happen I know you're just frustrated and can't quite figure out if I'm understanding what you're trying to do or see. Watching you explore and figure things out on your own is magical and I'm loving letting you lead more every day. I love that you pick up every weed, flower, stick, leaf and rock in our path out on walks, examine them closely, and then turn to show/hand them to me. And the hugs you're giving me so freely and so often lately, well, I think I owe much of my recent healing to your tiny arms around my neck. I love you so much, wild girl.