Spring Forward

This weekend we had the sweetest opportunity to take our babe to a local farm thanks to a friend setting us up with her friend. I've been itching to get Edie around new animals because I hope this type of life (on a smaller scale) is in our future. I haven't shared much about these dreams in this space, but I think it's time.
I wrote this on Instagram Saturday evening after she went to sleep:

"This morning I pulled my old dress over my daughter's head and drove her out to a farm to cuddle animals we don't get to see around our neighborhood. She called the baby goats 'pups' and surprised me by getting even more excited over the chickens. My heart ached and burst at the same time as I watched her taste the life I've been dreaming of for our family for a long while now. A field to run wild, animals to nurture, food to grow, dirt of our very own under our fingernails, land to drive our flag into the ground and leave to our children's children--I long for this. We knew our girl was a firecracker but to let her free for an hour relieved tension we didn't even realize we were carrying. Daniel and I looked at each other and looked back at the little soul we created while she chased the world as it widened in front of her and rolled in the mud like she was tired of being clean, and without words we agreed we'd do whatever it takes to keep her wonder alive and growing. We'd do anything for you, wild girl."