Valentine's Day Family Craft

Our girl doesn't love to be forced to do anything, so this craft is simple and quick. Still, she made getting her thumbprints pretty tricky. I'm not sure how many hand or foot print crafts I've attempted and filled with this strong-willed child of mine--yeesh. I hoped a thumb would be doable, and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

You'll need:
White or cream cardstock
Red cardstock or construction paper
Black inkpad
Glue stick

I'm pretty certain you can figure this one out on your own, but I'll spell it out for you anyway. :) Rub both thumbs in ink and stamp them down on the red paper in the shape of a heart. Have each family member do the same. Cut hearts around the thumbprints--Dad's is the biggest, then Mom's, then children in order. Glue down to white paper, frame and display!

I'm kind of a huge dork about Valentine's Day (every holiday, actually), so I'm excited to make the most of this week. Do you and your boo have any big plans or traditions?