Yoga Deza

I want to be these ladies when (if) I grow up. Goodness--the strength!

Also, the peace. I dropped in on a class at Yoga Deza a couple of months ago--my first real solo mama outing--and have been itching to get back ever since. I was incredibly nervous as I was something like 14 months postpartum and almost three years post last real yoga class. I assumed I'd be a weak mess and would maybe even get judged for it, but my experience was the very opposite. Crystal was a warm support from the moment she noticed me as a newbie to her class and she treated me like a capable equal, as did the rest of the students. Soon after she introduced herself I was sweating, stretching my body, totally focused on my breathing and nothing else and it was amazing. This studio is a straight up gift to our community!

And the owner, Alexandria, is a new mama I recently met through one of the local social media groups I'm in. When I got the opportunity to visit her at work with my camera and my little lady in tow (Edie loved the yoga blocks), I was thrilled. It was a quick visit, but I was immediately drawn to Alexandria's calming presence--we weren't even in a class but just being around her and watching her interact with her fellow teacher somehow just mellowed me out. I'll definitely be back to see them. 

What do you do to center yourself? Are you in need of some self care?