Eden Faye, 16 Months Old

Hi friends! I'm 16 months old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 21 pounds, 3 ounces and am 31 inches tall.
-I wear 12-18 months clothes.
-I have six teeth, four on top and two on bottom.
-New words this month include:
color ("kuh-er"
squash ("syash")
bye bye
dance ("da-sssss")
bounce ("ba-ssss")
please ("peace")
slide ("side")
swing ("sing")
pouch (we have a book called "Pouch" about a kangaroo)
orange ("oh-nsh")
candle ("cahh-ull")
uh oh
-I tell Mama when I want to go out on a walk.
-I tell her what food I want to eat or when I'd like some water.
-I call my "Five Little Monkeys" book "couch book" because the last page says, "Nobody said anything about jumping on the couch!"
-I call my fireman book "truck book."
-I love to dance and I point to the TV or Mama's phone and ask to dance several times a day.
-If Mama asks me to dance in the car I kick my legs to the music.
-I give hugs and kisses on my own accord and sometimes just grab Mama's neck and squeeze really hard.
-I am super maternal! I love on my cat and my baby all day long.
-I've started "pretending" with them, too. I sit my cat up on the bottom stair where I like to sit and hold her hands and talk to her.
-I love to carry around Dada's clothes like a blankie.
-I love sitting at my big girl table! I ask Mama to put me in my seat randomly throughout the day and we've started eating meals together at my table. I say "down" when I'm done and want down.
-I say "up" when I want Mama to pick me up.
-When I get all frantic about Mama reading me a book, she asks me to say, "Please," and I do!
-I don't throw tantrums often.
-I help Mama put small items in our basket at the grocery store.
-I love to play tug of war with Penny! I think it's hilarious when she drags me around.
-I think silly faces are so funny now.
-I think it's hilarious when I hit Mama in the face and she is surprised.
-I love to wrestle on the bed.
-I know where my teeth and tongue are now, too, in my collection of body parts knowledge.
-I smile really big when Mama says, "CHEESE!"
-I love drinking from a cup now! It's one of my favorite things to do just for fun. 
-I lift my arms when Mama asks to change my shirt and stick out my feet when she says she needs to put my socks on.
-I brush my own teeth and love it!
-"Berries" are my favorite snack (blueberries or goji berries).
-I still think tooting is hilarious.
-I am a wild sleeper lately. I roll all over the place and end up upside down or half off the bed.
-I help Mama put my books back on the shelf when she asks me.
-I learned how to stack the rings back on my little stacking toy!
-If Mama covers me with a blanket I usually kick it off in my sleep.
-I get super excited and run to the door when she asks if I want to go to the library.
-Several times a day I point to Mama's phone and says, "Dada?" So we started facetiming him and I love it!
-I do Mama's workout with her--I run in place and do downward facing dog. 
-I try to carry around all my little friends at once and Mama and Dada think it's super cute.
-I've started jumping! I love to jump on the bed or Penny's bed or Mama or Dada's belly.
-I jump up and say, "Bounce!" and land on my bottom and think it's so funny.
-I love riding around on Mama and Dada's backs. 
-I say "Yummmm" and "mmmm" when I eat now.
-I kiss myself in Mama's hand mirror.
-I am a little iffy when strangers talk to me, and Mama says she doesn't mind that at all.
-I get really excited when I see other kids or babies.
-I color with my left hand only at this point.
-I turn the dishwasher on and off when Mama isn't looking.
-I figured out how to spin in circles and I love to make myself dizzy and fall over.
-I got really sick for the first time this month but you'd never know it based on my attitude--I stayed playful the whole time even though my diapers, sleep and inability to breathe through my nose said otherwise!
-I really am a happy girl!


Edie love, you are teaching me every day to explore and enjoy life--you love every bit of it and show it with your whole face and body! I feel more like your sidekick lately--I'm just tagging along on your adventure and I feel like the luckiest mama in the world. You've grown into such a little girl this month--you have opinions and specific things you'd like to do at certain times. You ask me to color, go out for walks, go in the car, read. I can't believe how much you can change in a week or two. You are super excited when we get to a park and you see a slide--you run over to it and try to climb up it and then turn and wait for me to put you at the top.  I'm so interested to see if you continue preferring your left hand--I know it's too early to call you a leftie but this month you pretty much only colored with your left! You had your first real illness, too, and that broke my heart. I hate seeing you feel yucky and we had one particularly rough night where we ended up down on the couch at 4 am because you got sick all over us and our bed. I know you aren't feeling awesome but you still play hard and take it like a little boss. I'm so proud of your spirit and determination (and a little frightened as you continue to put yourself in dangerous places if I look away for half a second). You are my little hero and my best teacher. I love you I love you I love you.