A Few of Edie's Favorite Things: A Two Year Old Girl Gift Guide

1. Bears for Humanity Cat Plush
2. Cotton Canvas Teepee
3. Olivia by Ian Falconer
4. Wooden Rocking Horse
5. Plan Toys Tea Set

These are the toys Edie currently plays with for a significant amount of time EVERY SINGLE DAY. I don't know how many kisses and hugs that cat gets on a daily basis, how many times "Charlie" the horse gets his hair combed as he is ridden, how many cups of tea we stir stir stir and drink, or how many times I hear, "Read Wiv-ya!" as Edie runs over and plops down inside her little teepee with the book in her arms. These are her indoor regulars, and I love them because they require imagination and don't have any buttons or lights or noises. Girl can seriously spend hours sitting at her little table pouring tea for herself and cat and eventually asking me to join them. I love it! So if you're in the market for a young toddler girl gift, I vote for these all day everyday.