Gift Ideas for the Nursing Mama

1. Normalize Breastfeeding Tote
2. Liquid Gold Pin
3. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
4. Life Print
5. Wildbird Ring Sling
6. Breastfeeding Mama and Babe Ornament
7. Breastmilk Keepsake Ring
8. Motherhood Portraits (see photo above)

Kinda weird for me to have an entire gift post dedicated to nursing mamas, huh? Not really, not if you are one. It is HARD WORK and each milestone and goal is worth celebrating, and the bond between mama and babe is definitely worth remembering with a keepsake or two. Also, I included our Wildbird ring sling because it has made nursing on the go so easy for us for the past year plus--we still go on walks and end up nursing to sleep most days with our double layer! I think every nursing mama needs a carrier she can use to feed baby whenever and wherever. And Wildbird just added some new beauties to their collection!

Merry Christmas, mamas!