Coming Back from the Dead (AKA the First Trimester)

Well, hello!

So, it's been a bit. Like almost two months. And I peaced out totally unannounced, because MORNING SICKNESS. It hit me like a speeding train and caught me totally off guard and if I'm being totally honest, I spent weeks lying on the floor while Edie brought me books until I couldn't see straight anymore and gave up, which meant turning on Winnie the Pooh. Girl went from pretty much zero screen time to several hours a day, and I didn't even have the energy to feel that bad because she was fed and we were surviving. Pregnancy with a toddler is NO JOKE.

That plus a big ol' new house fiasco has made the blog/my social media presence feel a little less important lately. I'm sure hormones and first trimester exhaustion haven't helped, but I'm feeling more of that tug toward quiet living again and just genuinely feeling like I don't have a lot to say that might matter to anyone but my little family. But I've received several messages about writing and I know deep down I love words and if a few of you enjoy reading them, then here I am. Just maybe not every day :)

But yes, we are expecting baby GIRL number two and despite so many unknowns in other areas of our lives right now, we are so excited! At some point I will probably talk about some of the other feelings I felt more heavily before the excitement set in upon first finding out I was pregnant--the mom guilt, man! But Edie has made it her nightly pre-sleep ritual to hug and kiss and talk to my belly (and even call the baby by name and tell her to "Come out NOW!" so for now I'm doing alright.

Since we're kind of getting reacquainted, I'd love to know what you'd like to read here in the near future. To go ahead and answer the question I've been getting most recently, though--yep, still nursing past two years old, and three months into pregnancy!