Eden Faye, 15 Months Old

Hi, friends! I am 15 months old today (1/18)! 
Here’s what I’m up to lately:

-I weigh 20 pounds, 12 ounces and am over 30 inches tall!
-I wear 12-18 months clothes.
-I have gotten really good at repeating words Mama says and am saying new words regularly every day!
-My new words/phrases include:
Bye bye
Baby is now baby instead of bay
George (Curious George books)
Kick it
Puppy is now puppy instead of puh
-I have six teeth—four on top and two on bottom.
-I take one long nap in the middle of the day most days (two plus hours!).
-I am ready for bed around 7pm and sleep until 7:30-8am.
-I nurse twice most nights, sometimes three times.
-I still nurse whenever I want, day and night!
-I'm still a great eater and get super excited about food.
-I know where all of my basic body parts and facial features are and will point to them when asked.
-I learned to climb down off of the couch, bed, and stairs this month. (eek!)
-I love being chased! I run and hide and squeal when Mama or Dada catches me.
-I still love cats more than every other animal. Mama got me a stuffed cat this month and I kiss on her all the time.
-I've learned to stack the rings back on my stacking toy instead of just taking them off.
-I love to dance to music!
-I also love to run in place and do yoga (down dog) with Mama when she does her work out videos.
-I am really good at only hitting one key on my piano at a time.
-I've gotten so much better in the car!
-The library is my happy place.
-I've gotten even more cuddly this month and love to walk over to Mama or Dada for a hug (I squeeze hard now!) and to lie against their shoulder for a minute.
-I've also gotten more giggly! I think it's hilarious that chips make a crunch noise when I bite into them. I also love to put my cheek against Mama's mouth and giggle when she talks against my face.
-I love baths now and I get upset when Mama takes me out.
-Because of that, most days Mama gets out a big mixing bowl and fills it with water and bubbles and we play for like an hour with spoons and cups and my rubber duck!
-I back up to sit on Mama's lap as soon as she sits on the floor.
-I've tinkled on the potty a few times and pooped twice!
-I love looking out the backdoor when Penny is outside.
-My favorite books this month were "Where the Wild Things Are," "Spot Loves His Mommy," "Dada," "I'm A Ballerina," and "The Three Bears."
-I lift my arms when Mama says, "Let's change your shirt."
-I sit down and stick my foot out when Mama says, "Let's put socks on."
-I run away when Mama says, "Let's change your diaper."
-I've gotten really good at holding Mama's hand while we're walking and she usually puts me down and let's me walk with her instead of holding/wearing me in public now. If she says, "Hold hands?" I reach up and grab her hand!
-Overall I'm very obedient so far. It usually only takes Mama saying, "Edie, that's not safe," once for me to put down/stop whatever I'm doing.
-I did throw my first little public tantrum this month, though. Mama put me down to explore the grocery store one morning when it wasn't busy at all and pointed to things and let me put them in our basket. I walked over to a really cool shelf of water bottles and grabbed the BIGGEST one I could find--it was almost my size! Mama let me carry it around (and drop it five times) for a bit but asked for me to put it back when it was time to check out. I sat on the ground and held it and got pretty frustrated when she took it from me. But then she handed me a bar of soap to carry up to the counter, and I was fine!
-I'm pretty shy at first when a stranger talks to me.
-I laugh at funny faces now!
-My hair is growing and getting so soft!
-I feed Penny half of my meal most of the time. I hold it up to her mouth until she takes it. I'm a good sharer!


Edie babe, you are hilarious and so smart! You seriously shock me every day with what you know--so many times this month you've responded in a way that shows me you completely understand a word or concept I hadn't intentionally taught you. You play so hard and then sleep so hard--I love how cuddly you've become and my heart bursts every time you roll over in your sleep and find your place on my shoulder with your soft head against my face. As your personality grows I find myself thinking of you as my best buddy instead of my tiny helpless baby and it's both so exciting and so scary to know you're forming opinions and wants apart from me. Overall, watching you bloom into independence is incredibly magical and I feel like I already know your soul is sweet and tender and you feel things so deeply.  I pray you grow into those feelings and I'm able to nurture that growth so you are sure of yourself and grounded in who you are and what you believe and how you feel, and you never apologize for it. I love you so much, baby girl!