Drawn to Jesus

This weekend we gave Edie her first nativity set and read through the Christmas story with her. As soon as I set everything up, baby girl ran over, took a good scan of the whole scene and picked baby Jesus up and walked away. She eventually came back and sat down to look everything over a little better, but she continued holding Jesus as she did so. This was yesterday, and she's pretty much been carrying him around with her since then.

Watching my daughter stare at her little picture of Christmas with fresh eyes was a sweet reminder to slow down in this moment. I find plenty of things to get anxious about on a daily basis, but why? My toddler is already drawn to Jesus, even if it's just because he's a cute baby on a piece of wood to her. Her tiny grip on toy Jesus has me asking myself what he is to me, praying to see him with new, wide-eyed wonder as I continue to wade through a tough season.

Joy to the world, the Lord has come!