12 Days of Christmas Crafts: We Made Snow! Day Four

Okay mama friends and non-mama friends who want to feel like little kids again (so fun!), I'm kind of proud of this one. It's SO easy and fun! I planned to show Edie how to play with it and hoped it would distract her so I could get a few things done but I ended up sitting on the floor building a snowmama and snowbaby for I have no idea how long. This stuff has an awesome consistency and doesn't stick to your hand because of the coconut oil. I didn't try chilling it because I used ice cold water, but that could be fun, too!

Here's what you'll need:

-1-2 tbs coconut oil (depending how much you're making)

-1-2 cups baking soda

-1-2 cups water

Mix coconut oil and baking soda and then mix in water. If it's too runny, dust in more baking soda until you get a dry-ish play-doughy consistency. 

Seriously, so simple! And baby/toddler-safe, too. No yucky ingredients!

Let it snow!