12 Days of Christmas Crafts: Toddler-Friendly Trees

Edie is a bit of a wild child. She is running around grabbing at things and knocking things over constantly. Because we're blessed with such a spirited babe, we decided not to put up our Christmas tree this year. For the sake of everyone's sanity and safety (I was not feeling broken ornaments all over the floor or a toddler belly fully of fake tree crap).

But I still love Christmas and want a place for Santa to leave presents tomorrow night, so I needed to come up with another type of (indestructible) tree. Here are two! And one of them is even specifically for toddlers to trash and decorate and repeat. :)

Floral + Tape Christmas Tree

Pick up some greenery and whatever flowers you like, grab some masking or washi tape, and tada! I just put ours up this morning so it isn't totally dead and shedding on Christmas morning, and I taped it up high enough so that Edie can't reach it. 

Felt Christmas Tree

This one took a bit longer than my other crafts and I didn't even make intricate, pretty ornaments. But felt isn't the quickest material to cut, and there's a lot of cutting here. I also bought felt to cut out a snowman for Edie to decorate (eyes, carrot nose, hat, scarf, buttons--we can keep him up through the winter!), and since I made this tree I've been entertaining all kinds of fun felt projects we could stick on our wall in other seasons.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!