12 Days of Christmas Crafts: Paper Forest Advent Calendar, Day One

Does anyone else find being a mama in the Pinterest age just a little bit (okay, A LOT) daunting? I feel like I need to be constantly cooking/baking/crafting/teaching my babe new info in a super cute, cutting edge way.  I go through phases of stalking Pinterest for days for inspiration, and then I don't visit the app for over a month. As soon is it becomes pressure to perform or compete against other twenty-somethings, bloggers, photographers, mamas...I'm out.

But another big part of me is super excited and thankful to be a young mom today. So many lovely ideas to do with and for my girl! So I thought it'd be fun to put a little low-pressure challenge on myself to throw together 12 simple Christmas crafts this month. And when I say simple, I mean five minutes with a pair of scissors. 

Every year I swoon over the loveliest advent calendars on my favorite blogs. And every year December 23rd rolls around and I have to cope with the fact that I did not craft the calendar of my dreams. Usually I haven't crafted a calendar at all, and if I have, I've forgotten to use it.

So this year I grabbed a couple of pieces of green and red cardstock, a white gel pen, and voila! My table now holds a mini forest.

I asked Daniel if he had any Christmasy family date ideas he'd like to do this month, and we came up with a list of 12 things. Yes, I'm aware we did 12 instead of 25 but this month is about grace and 25 scheduled things, well, just straight up aren't going to happen.

So here's our list of 12 things we hope to do as a family by Christmas, in no particular order:

1. Go through the Nativity Story with Edie (her play set is on its way!).

2. Bake Christmas cookies.

3. Watch Rudolph in our PJs with hot cider/cocoa.

4. Drive around and look at lights.

5. Decorate the front porch.

6. Wrap presents while listening to Christmas music.

7. Shop for an Angel Tree gift.

8. Build a snowman (this might be in our craft series!).

9. Watch The Family Stone (my favorite Christmas movie).

10. Go on a carriage ride.

11. Watch Elf.

12. Make ornaments.

What's on your list?