12 Days of Christmas Crafts: Paleo Gingerbread Cookies (FAIL), Day Two

So, these did not work. At all. When I went by the recipe, they turned into big unrecognizable blobs in the oven. And when I baked the second half of the dough as one big sheet and cut the cookies out when they were still soft out of the oven, they dried and crumbled apart. But that's life, right? Everything doesn't work out, and I didn't have the energy to attempt them again. Maybe another day.

However, we're having a merry Christmas over here, failures and all! Edie opened her first present from my mom yesterday--the most beautiful cotton rag doll--and has been kissing it and carrying it around since. She's also cutting three more teeth this past week, and I just know I'll appreciate the gift of sleep when we experience it again someday. Hopefully someday soon. Please, Santa.