New Hair

I love my hair long, I really do. I was pretty bummed when it wasn't super long for our wedding because I had cut it the summer before Daniel proposed. So I've been going back and forth on cutting it for most of the year, but after months of NEVER wearing it down (and never letting it fully dry before pulling it up) because if I did for 30 seconds Edie yanked it out by the handful and I ended up with a bunch of hidden dreads I didn't have time to sort through, I decided it was time. Hair is just hair, and it was definitely causing me more stress than positive self esteem vibes. 

Daniel made me promise not to get something that made me "look like a mom." I told him I am a mom and showed him lots of very short, not so feminine haircuts on Pinterest just to mess with him. Saturday I got up early and headed out to our favorite local Aveda salon and soaked in every second of having someone else wash my hair and wrap my head in a hot towel. Because now that I'm a mama, an hour away for a haircut is a straight up luxury whereas it used to just be something to check off my list (and rarely--I'm not one for regular haircuts). For that reason, I asked my stylist to cut the back a bit shorter so I didn't have to come back in a couple of weeks for maintenance, because I'm not a big fan of when short hair starts to hit your shoulders and flip out like Carol Brady. 

Anyway, she chopped off 17+ inches of hair and I immediately felt like I'd lost 100 pounds. Does anyone else just LOVE that first shower after a drastic haircut? Washing and rinsing short hair when you just had a tangled mess down to your bottom the day before is kind of THE BEST. I think Daniel is beginning to agree, because we no longer have to unclog the drain every other day (postpartum hair loss--it's a whole thing). 

Edie is a fan, too--her reaction when I came home was so cute and if she gets ahold of it now, it doesn't immediately tangle into a hopeless nest and send me into a stressed out frenzy. Yay!

Speaking of new things, our little lady woke up with her first tiny tooth popped through this morning! Just in time for her one year checkup this afternoon. I was getting nervous I'd have to tell her doctor of my growing doubt that her teeth even existed, hah.