Edie Meets Santa

Hello! Hope you had a wonderful holiday. We just got back from a relaxing visit with family. The only thing we really did, aside from eating, was take Edie to meet Santa for the first time. And by that I mean we traumatized her briefly for the sake of tradition. I was a little traumatized, too, because Santa called my daughter "It." Twice.

Me: "Hi, Santa."

Edie starts crying as soon as she sees him.

Me: "Sorry she's crying. She's a little tired and..."

Santa: "Oh, it's pretty standard. What's its name?"

Me: "Her name is Edie."

Santa: "Edie. How old is it? About 10 months?"

Daniel hands Edie to Santa.

Daniel: "She's about 13 months."

I snap photos, pass camera off to my brother for quick family photo, take "it" from Santa and get the heck out of there.

Tis the season, right?

^Not. A. Fan.

But isn't the crying Santa experience kind of a pivotal part of childhood? Ha, even so, we got in and out of the little cottage quickly and enjoyed the rest of Utica Square, which was pretty much dead for Black Friday due to the yucky weather.

Merry Christmas!