I Don't Know How to Pose Alone

Haha, can you tell? I figure if I'm going to continue this whole blog business I should probably get dressed and do an outfit post on occasion--even if it makes me feel super dorky. Because you know what? I kind of am super dorky!

Most of these will probably include Edie for that reason, but for my birthday I figured I should attempt to pose alone. Every other day is about her, and rightfully so--she's the coolest!

This romper is super comfy and the neckline is great for nursing! Also, hats are my love language now that my gray grows in so quickly. And it's lavender! I figure if I can't have the lavender hair I want (do you know how many salon trips it would take to turn my dark hair pastel? TOO. MANY.), I can at least wear a lavender hat :)

Romper // ShopRuche
Hat // Asos
Boots // Target

Have a great weekend!