Eden Faye, 10 Months Old

Hi friends! I am 10 MONTHS OLD today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 16 pounds and am about 27 inches tall.
-I'm in the 10% for weight and the 12% for height.
-I wear 6-9 month clothes and size 2/3 diapers.
-I walk everywhere now!
-I love to carry a toy, book, or blanket with me everywhere I go.
-I can say "Mama, "Dada," "yeah," "hi," and "book" (more like "boo").
-I can wave, clap, and nod my head "yes!"
-I do lots of kiss faces.
-I chew on my thumb.
-Mama thinks she can feel a tooth about to poke through. I'm still toothless!
-I love following Mama around now that I'm steady on my feet.
-I love playing peekaboo.
-I laugh at lots of things! But Penny is still the funniest.
-I laugh after I toot.
-I'm getting better at feeding myself.
-I dance (bounce up and down and nod my head) to music!
-I love reading books and turning the pages.
-My naps have gotten longer but I usually only take two a day now.
-I still sleep against Mama.
-I go to bed around 7 or 7:30 and am up for the day between 5 and 6:30
-I nurse a lot throughout the night!
-I had my first real playdate this month with my friend Lilly!
-I love being outside.
-I'm not a fan of wearing shoes. I do like chewing on them, though.
-I love to play with kitchen stuff, especially cups and big spoons.
-I tan easily like Mama.
-I still love meat best.
-I make a little noise when I want another bite if Mama is feeding me.
-Mama has started planning my first birthday party and Halloween costume!
-I get really excited when I hear Dada come in from work.
-I went out to eat for the first two times this month!
-Everyone I meet comments on my pretty dark brown eyes.
-Mama left me with Grandpa for half an hour while she ran an errand and I did great!
-I love to hear myself talk.
-I love when Mama sings "You Are My Sunshine."


Edie babe, you really are my sunshine. I can't believe how close we're getting to your first birthday, but I also can't believe I ever did life without you. You are so strong and determined in spite of your size--I think you're teaching me way more than I'm teaching you!  We play hard all day and you're always on the move-no wonder you're napping better.  I still find myself wondering if we did enough at the end of the day because I just want the very best for you, but then you wake up so happy and ready to go and I'm hoping that means you feel loved and free to explore when you're awake. You're incredibly curious and attentive, but also crazy hyper--your Daddy and I definitely see both of us in you. We love you more than we could ever say!