Eden Faye, Eight Months Old

Hi friends! I'm eight months old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:


-I weigh 15 pounds and am 26.5 inches long.
-I'm in the 11% for weight and the 28% for length!
-I wear 3-6 months clothes and size 2 diapers.
-I still don't have any teeth!
-I say "Mama" and "Dada" regularly.
-I take three naps most days.
-I'm ready for bed around 7pm and awake for the day around 5am!
-I still nurse throughout the night.
-I got really fast at crawling this month--Mama can't leave me alone for a second!
-I pull up on everything. I want to be standing all the time, even while nursing.
-Once I'm up, I like to let go and see how long I can stand on my own.
-I switch sides on my own while nursing now.
-I have a serious relationship to "the boob" apart from my relationship with mama.
-This month I tried meat for the first time! I love chicken and ground turkey!
-I also love chicken broth, scrambled eggs, and blueberries.
-I did go on a little solids strike this month. For almost two weeks I only wanted to nurse.
-I also had my first little tummy bug this month :(
-I still love looking in the mirror!
-I also love books. I love when mommy and daddy read to me, but I also love rolling around while holding books and turning the pages by myself.
-And mommy isn't a fan of this, but I also love electronics. I get really excited when a phone or remote is within reach.
-I do this really cute squeal thing when mommy or daddy throws me up in the air!
-My tummy, armpits, thighs, and feet are ticklish.
-I laugh at Penny a lot.
-I love being in my baby pool!
-I'm getting better in the carseat. Sometimes.
-I still love being worn--I go right to sleep :)
-I've been spending a lot of time with daddy on Saturdays since mommy has weddings every weekend lately.
-Aside from going to weddings, I spend most days wearing nothing but a diaper. It's hot out!
-I suck in my bottom lip all day long lately.
-I refused to sit in my chair this morning--this was actually my first time in my crib!


Baby girl, you are just the coolest. You are a serious go-getter and so observant! You're also such a sweet, happy girl and I feel like the most blessed mama there is to be loved by you. I love you so much!